Pro-File Long Keel Carbide Runners for Ski Doo Pilot 5.7 Skis & Ski-Doo Deep Snow DS-2 Skis - Designed by Brad Hulings

Pro-File Long Keel runners are specifically designed for Skidoo Pilot 5.7 skis and Ski Doo Deep Snow DS-2 snowmobile skis. They only fit these 2 different Ski Doo snowmobile ski models. Pro-File Long Keel runners are best suited for deeper, soft, loose snow trail conditions as found in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Also known as wear bars, the Pro-File runners provide improved steering control with less effort.

 Ski doo pilot 5.7 and Ds-2 snowmobile carbide runners

Ski doo pilot 5.7 and Ds-2 snowmobile carbide runners

What is the difference between Pro-File “Long Keel” & “Shorty” runner?

“Long Keel” runners were developed specifically for Ski doo Pilot 5.7 & DS-2 skis. The arched shape of the skis matches the Pro-File long runner design perfectly. Long Keel runners have exceptionally good steering control in deep snow. “Shorty” runners were designed to fit in place of the standard runners due to the similar length of the factory runners.  “Shorty’s” perform in a wider range of trail conditions. “Long Keel” runners require extra installation steps. “Shorty” runners fit directly in place of the original runners, do not require modifications to skis and install easily. “Shorty” runners are less expensive than long runners.

Deep Snow DS-2 Ski Doo Renegade Runners

Installation Instructions for Long Keel Runners

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