The Next Evolution in Snowmobile Ski Runner Performance. For All Snowmobile Brands: Polaris, Arctic Cat and Yamaha.

Pro-File Snowmobile Ski Carbide Runners are the next evolution for improved steering control on today’s high performance trail sleds. Our unique arched profile of the runner into the snow results in better ski grip for improved cornering ability with less muscle effort from the rider. This means guys & gals will ride more confidently and comfortably leaving you ready for the same riding fun again tomorrow.

The idea for Pro-File runners started in 2012 when we started riding a new Ski-Doo Renegade 1200. The sled was great and the steering was easy but it had poor ski grip especially in loose snow. This is common on all four brands with the factory ski runners. After years of trying many aftermarket runners & skis on a variety of sleds my riding buddies & I realized they all make the sled turn better but the increased steering effort was not what we wanted.

After 40 years of experience building carbides for racing we set out to improve on what was currently available in the trail rider market. The first step was to understand the difference between racing on ice and riding on groomed snow. The conditions are totally different and require a different approach to really improve the all around drivability of a trail snowmobile. Next we applied our experience building high tech parts with state of the art techniques and many test & tune hours to build a totally different ski runner product.

After three years of development Pro-File Long Keel runners were sold to customers in 2015 with good results but were too aggressive for some riders in hard frozen snow conditions. The deep loose snow trail conditions in Michigan 2012-14 were ideal for developing long keel runners. In 2015 trails were harder with less loose snow; this is when we realized we needed a shorter version for easier steering and we developed our “Shorty” runners you see on our 2016 website. Shorty runners are almost as good ski grip as long keel but with much less effort on hard pack trails.

We are already working on new products for 2017 and beyond.

Update January 2017: Check out the Pro-File Carbide Runners article in the January/February 2017 issue of Snow Tech Magazine. You can also read more online on Snow Tech Magazines website here --->

This picture shows the difference between an OEM Factory Runner and the Profile Shorty & Profile long runner for deep snow ds skis.

This picture shows the difference between an OEM Factory Runner and the Profile Shorty & Profile long runner for deep snow ds skis.

The picture on the left compares a factory runner (top) to our Pro-File Shorty Runner (center) and Pro-File Long Keel Runner (bottom). You can see they are dramatically different in size. The pictures of the Shorty Runner Vs. Red Factory Runner on ski below, show the difference in the length & depth of runner in the snow. More runner in the snow is what improves the ski grip and steering control in groomed trail & loose snow conditions. Pro-File runners are designed to use the steel runner body as the primary steering component which turns the sled on the trail. The carbide section is mostly a more durable wear surface. This means Pro-File runner’s steer the sled well even after the sharp carbide edge is dull.

showing the difference between a profile shorty runner and "red" factory runner on a Yamaha tuner ski.

showing the difference between a profile shorty runner and "red" factory runner on a Yamaha tuner ski.

profile shorty runner and "red" factory runner on a Yamaha tuner ski - Bottom view

profile shorty runner and "red" factory runner on a Yamaha tuner ski - Bottom view

Click for snowmobile runners 101

Click for snowmobile runners 101



Typical High Performance Runners increase the length of the sharp carbide sections to improve the steering. The sharp carbide section is only helpful on ice and only if it’s sharp. Unfortunately, the carbide section is also the primary wear surface and the sharp edge is the first thing that wears out causing the skis to loose grip & steering control. Also making the flatter profile runners longer by adding length to the carbide section makes them more difficult to steer requiring the rider to work harder. This tires out the rider leaving hands, arms and shoulders sore & feeling like you need a day off to recover. If you’re looking for better steering with less work and more fun, try our Pro-File runners.

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If you ever wondered why the original set of runners that came on your new snowmobile wore out so fast here’s a picture for you. These skis are from a brand new 2015 Yamaha Viper and ridden 58 miles on the first snow in Michigan's U.P. This is a perfect example of what happens when a snowmobile is ridden in 6” of fresh snow with no base. The runners go all the way through the snow into the dirt. There is nothing wrong with the machine or the setup, it is simply what happens when the runners are driven in the dirt. Ride your sled down the trail then stop and look at the ski tracks, if you see brown grooves in the tracks your runners are in dirt and this is the result. If you rode last week, the runners on your sled probably look the same. Click Here to shop for your next set.


HRP Motorsports Inc.

HRP Motorsports Inc. Releases New Pro-File Runner Product and many more.

HRP Motorsports Inc. is primarily a snowmobile performance shop. HRP is the first company in snowmobiling to use "State of the Art" design and manufacturing in the early 80's. Starting with Billet Aluminum helix cams in 1984 and Billet Aluminum Snowmobile drive clutch's in 1990 to the high performance snowmobile market. Black Ice helix cams & Quad Cam clutches continue to be very well known throughout the snowmobile industry.

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Brad Hulings


 A personal bio from Brad Hulings - Designer of Pro-File Runners and Owner of HRP Motorsports Inc.

I have been snowmobiling over 50 years and still trail ride a couple thousand miles a year. Started racing in 1970 and raced for Mercury, Polaris, Scorpion/Arctic Cat and Ski Doo as a factory driver. Recently, in 2014, was voted "Best Sno Pro Oval Racer of all time" in a pole done by Snow Tech magazine & Jim Bielke. Most notable wins include two Eagle River World Championships & five season points championships. Won my one & only Pro SnoX race at Alexandria, MN in 1981 on a Karpick Ski Doo. Have made a living in the snowmobile business since 1975 and HRP Motorsports Inc. since 1984. Currently single with two children Stacey & Aaron and three grandchildren. 

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