HRP Motorsports Trail Clutch Link Arm Kits for 2012 to 2016 Arctic Cat 1100 turbo snowmobiles.

The HRP Motorsports Clutch Link Arm Kit has 5 years of real world testing and development on High Performance trail snowmobiles up to 300 H.P. 

The HRP Clutch Link Arm Kit was developed to extend the belt life on stock 180HP to modified 300 HP sleds from Arctic Cat with OEM factory clutches. These High power snowmobiles are well known for belt failure problems when used primarily for trail riding or high speed lake racing.  This Clutch Link Arm Kit is tested for trail riding and high speed lake racing with trail studs. We have tested this kit on a 2013 Arctic Cat LXR 1100 with 260HP ECU re-flash and larger stainless steel exhaust system. Riding in Michigan U.P. in deep snow the machine runs 120 mph consistently down the trail and almost 140 mph in ΒΌ mile on an icy road. A lot of our miles are 70 to 100 mph and we are seeing 13-14 mpg. We have not failed a belt in 500 miles and the drive belt temperature is less than 150 degrees. We did notice after 500 miles, the performance of the snowmobile significantly declined due to the belt simply being worn out. After installing a new belt the performance came right back as expected. Testing is ongoing to determine belt life but we would have failed several belts without the HRP Clutch Link Arm and Heat Shield Kit. Whether the machine is stock or 300HP, the throttle response and speed is significantly improved with the HRP Link Arm Kit. The installation of the HRP Clutch Link Arm kit requires machining and specific set up work done at HRP. Both the Primary and Secondary Clutches will need to be sent to HRP. The clutches with the link arm kit installed will be returned to the customer ready to simply bolt back onto their machine with no adjustments or modifications necessary . 

The Link Arm Kit is designed to fit inside the original side panel with slight modifications to one air duct. Kit comes with a special tool to open the Cat driven clutch. Machines with Team Driven clutch come with a tool in the sleds tool kit. Both tools work with the Link Arm in place for easy belt changes.

The complete HRP Link Arm kit is $1200.00 installed on your clutches plus shiping. Price does not include clutch repairs or tuning parts or heat shield listed below. 

The Arctic Cat Link Arm Kit shown is installed on the OEM Arctic Cat cast aluminum clutches designed for 200HP. We have run several thousand miles on the Cat clutches with up to 300HP and have not seen any problems. However HRP does not recommend running over 300HP with the factory cast aluminum clutches. 

The kit solves the belt problem by addressing three different areas. All three changes work together to resolve this problem.

Call Brad Hulings for more details at 616-874-6338.

Clutch Alignment Diagram.png

Maintaining Clutch Alignment is very important in belt life and overall snowmobile performance.

The HRP Clutch Link Arm is attached to stock clutches and maintains proper clutch alignment while allowing the engine to flex in the mounts as the factory designed them. This prevents over stressing and failing the original engine mounts. The machine should have stock engine mounts and clutches must be in alignment before installing the link arm. If the machine has over 1500 miles with 200+HP there is a good chance engine mounts may be bent or broken causing clutch misalignment. This must be repaired before the link arm kit is installed. Also any aftermarket engine mounts or brackets are not needed and should be removed.

Clutch Set-Up and Maintenance Required

Stock Clutches are reset for better grip on the belt at lower trail speeds and to maintain belt tension at top speed. Stock or up to 1.44” wide belts can be used. HRP does not machine any material away from clutches which weaken the parts. Kit uses OEM weights, springs & helix.  

Add $60 for special HRP setup parts.

The HRP Arctic Cat Heat Shield combined with the HRP Clutch Arm kit, increases the overall performance and greatly improves the belt life during trail riding, especially in deep snow conditions. Also shown is our lower belly pan belt guard included with the heat shield kit.

The 4 stroke engine & turbocharger operates at over 200 degrees. The heat from the engine causes the clutches & belt to be over 200 degrees also which is too high for the belt.

To fix this problem HRP designed the heat shield to separate the engine & turbo heat from the clutch area.  Also additional cooling vents are added to increase cold air into the clutch area especially behind the engine clutch. By installing the heat shield & cooling vents the belt temperatures are less than 150 degrees.

Heat Shield & Belt Guard are fastened with Arctic Cat torx screws for easy installation & removal. NO RIVETS.

Still working on a Price for the Heat Shield kit.

HRP will install the complete kit along with ECU & Exhaust and test for a turn key sled ready for the trail. Call Brad Hulings for more Information at 616-874-6338. 

2016 Arctic Cat 9000 Turbo 1100 with OEM TEAM BOSS Clutches and the NEW HRP Clutch Link Arm Kit.

The HRP Link Arm is now available for 2016 Arctic Cat Turbo 1100 snowmobiles. Adding to the benefits on 2012 to 2015 models above the HRP Link Arm significantly strengthens the Team Driven outer pulley spline to shaft area which has been a failure problem on 250+ HP snowmobiles. After several hundred trail miles, the outer pulley has shown no wear or loosening problems and stays perfectly aligned on the shaft. Over 300HP is not recomended.

Update January 2017 - Have over 1,000 miles of successful testing on this 250HP/300HP 2016 Arctic Cat Turbo. No belt failures, no problems with the Team Driven clutch or HRP Link Arm Kit. We are taking orders now. Drive and outer driven pulley must be sent to HRP Motorsports for link arm kit installation.

$1299.00 for complete link arm kit installed on your clutches. Call Brad Hulings at 616-874-6338 for more details. 

HRP Clutch Arm Kit Installed on a 2015 Yamaha Viper with the OEM Yamaha Turbo Kit installed. We put this snowmobile on the Dyno and it measured 185HP. Very nice snowmobile with Yamaha Factory Warranty.

This sled has zero belt problems with our Clutch Arm Kit installed. We are ready for the 2017 Yamaha and Arctic Cat turbo sleds with Team or Yamaha clutchs.