Introducing the HRP Arctic Cat Heat Shield Kit. Greatly improves the belt life during trail riding, especially in deep snow conditions. Includes a lower belly pan belt guard with the heat shield kit.


The 4 stroke engine & turbocharger operates at over 200 degrees. The heat from the engine causes the clutches & belt to be over 200 degrees also which is too high for the belt. To reduce temperatures HRP designed the heat shield to separate the engine & turbo heat from the clutch area.  Also additional cooling vents are added to increase cold air into the clutch area especially behind the engine clutch. By installing the heat shield & cooling vents the belt temperatures are less than 150 degrees in most conditions. Heat Shield & Belt Guard are fastened with Arctic Cat torx screws for easy installation & removal. NO RIVETS.

This Heat Shield Kit fits 2012-2016 Arctic Cat 1100 Turbos. The Arctic Cat Heat Shield kit is $140.00.

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